Imbue Sherry Cask Whisky 700ml

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The history of the Angel’s Share in Whisky dates back centuries to the Medieval era. During the aging process, spirit that evaporates into the air and perfumes the distillery was said to be an offering to the angels. Over the centuries, the Angel’s Share has become an important part of the Whisky making process, and at Imbue Distillery we certainly embrace it as an essential part of creating a truly exceptional spirit that requires the utmost time and patience. An easy-drinking Whisky designed for our mild Aussie climate. This single malt has been aged in an ex-European Fino Sherry Cask for 2.5 years, so it’s super refreshing served with a splash of your fave artisanal mixer, stirred into an Old Fashioned or neat of course! Nose: New leather, toasted hazelnuts, limestone, citrus zest Palate: Stewed stonefruit, vanilla, roasted chestnuts, wattleseed Finish: Medium length and very dry